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Girl Scout, Cub Scout, & Boy Scout Visit

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Author Visit Preparation

The morning of my visit, I plan on booing one specific classroom within the school. This class will hang their ghost in the window to let others know that they have been booed. What happens next? My hope is that this specific class will boo two other classes within the school and so on.


The following elements will be covered during my author visit.

  • Author Introduction
  • Reading of Booing: A Halloween Tradition
  • Discussion on how one class was already booed
  • Explanation of how to boo inside and outside of school
  • Showcase Wisp, the friendly boo ghost
  • "Pay It Forward" Discussion
  • Explanation of how I wrote my story
  • Discussion on idea creation

I am a certified Elementary School Teacher. Therefore, if you would like me to present or work with your students on a specific topic, please do not hesitate to ask.

Boo Kit Ordering

Please download, print, and copy the Boo Kit Ordering Form. Please send a paper copy of the order form home with each student at least three weeks prior to my visit. Approximately one week prior to my visit, I will drop off pre-purchased Boo Kits. A limited number of Boo Kits will also be for sale the day of my visit. Boo Kits can always be purchased on my website as well.

PTO/A Letter

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Equipment Needs

Please ensure that your school can supply the following items to make your event a success.

  • Large space for the event to take place. Most events usually take place in the gym, cafeteria, or library
  • Table at the front of the room for my presentation materials.
  • Microphone
  • Computer, digital projector, and screen - Someone with equipment experience will need to be present the day of the event.
  • Internet connection - If this is not possible, please notify me in advance.

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